Maintenance skills of AC motors

2020-09-04 14:17:31 浙江马尔风机有限公司 Viewd 827

AC motors are a large category in the motor family. Due to the influence of the operating environment, the AC motor will collect dust and metal shavings after a period of time. Due to electrification and the suction of the armature, these debris can easily enter the motor and adhere to the surface of the clutch and magnetic poles. Once accumulated too much, It will cause the motor clutch to malfunction. Therefore, when using the motor in normal times, the AC motor should be maintained and cleaned regularly. Also pay attention to specifications during maintenance. The following is a summary of common faults and solutions for AC motors by motor maintenance personnel for your reference.

If there are abnormal and strong vibrations in the AC motor, we should pay attention to monitoring whether the bearing is lubricated enough. If the lubrication is insufficient, it will cause serious wear of the bearing, cause the bearing to heat up, and the operating performance of the electric idea will also decrease. At this time, we need to be timely Replenish the bearing lubricant. If the bearing is severely worn, replace the new bearing and clean all parts to ensure the normal operation of the motor.

If the rotation speed of the host is periodic, the cause of this phenomenon is that the mechanical part of the host is malfunctioning. Since there are many rubber rollers in AC motors, each should be supported by bearings. Assuming that the rubber roller bearing at either end is faulty, the rotation speed of the main machine may be periodically off peak. In severe cases, the main machine will become more difficult to roll. Replace the bearing. In addition, you may want to pay attention to the abnormal working conditions of the bearings and smooth parts of the rollers (including printing plates, rubbers, and impression cylinders). It is assumed that the occurrence of problems will also affect the printing speed.

In another case, the motor is too noisy during operation, because in order to maintain the balance with the sliding motor, the armature and the pole rotor are equipped with balancing devices on both sides of the armature and the pole rotor. If these parts are loose, deviations will occur when the motor is running at high speed. The fault is assumed to occur on the outer surface of the main drive motor, which will become part of the conflict between the armature and the magnetic pole rotor, thereby increasing noise. In this case, stop the machine in time, restore the balance between the armature and the pole rotor, and fix it. These are the summary of some treatment methods of AC motor faults by motor technicians. We will introduce more knowledge in future articles.